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Apa itu points?
Points adalah penghargaan untuk pengguna yang aktif di platform vwv community, semakin anda aktif...
By Moderator community 2019-09-25 06:26:31 0 98
Preparing Vegetables for Dehydration
Prepare vegetables for preservation immediately after picking to prevent color, flavor, texture,...
By Drying Gfmachine 2019-12-13 07:43:43 0 36
6 Advantages Of Internal Gear Pumps
1.Smooth liquid transportation, no pulsation, small vibration and low noise; 2.Strong...
By Cassidy Vanepump 2020-03-30 03:21:42 0 1
How can ISO 27001 Certification help protect your company against ransomware?
Ransomware is a sophisticated malware that block users’ access to their files through the...
By Sobhana 123 2020-03-12 12:25:52 0 9
Processing of Fruits and Vegetables
In previous blog post we wrote about storage of fresh fruits and vegetables. But fruits and...
By Drying Gfmachine 2019-12-23 09:38:28 0 31