PVC foam sheet  has many advantages. For it can show different product performance according to different places. In addition, its simple structure and generous characteristics make it more popular among users, but for this product Do we need to do daily maintenance when using it? If the daily maintenance is not done well, it will also have a great impact on the use of the product.

1. Regularly use surface wax to perform surface maintenance on PVC foam sheet  , which can effectively protect the plastic floor and polish the floor.

2. Use a neutral detergent to clean the surface with a semi-dry mop.

3. If gravel appears on the layout, it should be cleaned in time, only in this way can reduce its damage.

4. For the bottom plate made of this product, we should clean it every day, and clean the surface of the plastic floor with a moist mop.

PVC foam sheet  is more and more widely used, because the board has many advantages, and now the country is advocating the concept of energy saving and emission reduction, and the concept of green environmental protection, which just meets these requirements, so we are using it in daily use. Doing a good job of maintenance will also allow us to use it better and bring better results.

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