How to choose the color of curtain rod

In general, the choice of color of curtain rods should match the color and style of the interior, and the light color will be more suitable for the audience. Here are some suggestions for you:

A. Choose a wild color
If you are worried about mistakes in color, you can choose a wild white curtain rod.

B. Close to the window cover

The color of the curtain rod can be similar to the window cover. This will look more natural.

C. Echoes the overall tone of the room

At present, most of the rooms in our country are white or light milk yellow, light lake green, and light blue walls.Therefore, you can choose to coordinate milk yellow, light brown, medium green, light blue, light red, etc. Achieve satisfactory aesthetic results. For example, light milky yellow walls with brown curtains; lake green with light green; milky white with light red, light green or white. If the wall has large windows and small windows, contrasting colors can also achieve the desired effect, such as red and green, yellow and purple, but the contrast cannot be too strong.

D. Consider family characteristics

For example, the window of the newly-married room should be fresh and strong to increase the lively and joyful atmosphere; the curtains of the elderly room should be quiet and peaceful to show quietness and harmony. The color of the bedroom and the living room should also be different. The former should have light curtains to make people quiet; the latter should be thick and give people a solemn feeling.

E. Seasonal changes

It should be light in summer and dark in winter, in order to change people's psychological "hot" and "cold" feeling. In addition, in the same room, curtains of the same color and pattern are selected to maintain the overall beauty and prevent clutter.

F. Consider interior style
1.Fashionable minimalist style

Fashion simplicity is loved by many young people, and it is also one of the main popular styles today. If you want to create a modern window view, Roman curtain experts in Italy said that the choice of metal curtain rods is the best way. The silver metal curtain rods are paired with delicate textures and light-colored transitional fabrics, showing a rational modern style.

2. Pastoral style

The rural style is a natural style. If you want to create a strong natural flavor, Roman curtain experts in Italy recommend that you choose a curtain rod with a strong sense of wood and a curtain with a monochrome or simple line. For matching, put on warm curtains. When the wind comes in, you will also feel that these warm-colored curtains filter out the cold air in the wind and send the most natural and warm wind into the room.

3.Modern neoclassical
Modern people face too much pressure on life and work, and they are eager to return to a warm and comfortable home life. The experts of Roman curtains in Italy said that the elegant and pure modern neo-classical style naturally became popular, and the symmetrical and balanced forms and principles can make the vision tired after a day have a reasonable relaxation, elegant and unobtrusive cloth patterns, no too eye-catcher . Silver iron curtain rods are more suitable.

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