When the company customizes notebooks, we are not industry people. Sometimes we do n’t know what the notebook we use is called a hardcover notebook or a loose-leaf notebook. In fact, hardcover notebooks and loose-leaf notebooks are different.

hardcover notebook   is commonly known as intimate notebook. Its writing pages are directly tightly connected by car lines or glue, and cannot be separated. The books we usually use are mainly hardcover books, mainly because of the simple production process, controllable cost, stylish, business-friendly shape, which everyone likes. The cover material of the hardcover is very selective. The most commonly used are leather notebooks, leather notebooks, paper notebooks, cloth notebooks, felt notebooks, and silk notebooks. Why the hardcover notebook industry language is a thoughtful notebook, usually it is glued to the inner core by glue, but the hardcover is also divided into a sleeve. It is the inner core that can be separated from the cover, and the inner core can be replaced.

The definition of a loose-leaf notebook is that the writing pages can be detached at will, and the inner core is held together by a binder. The loose-leaf book has a binder, which is not found in the hardcover, but the inner core of the hardcover is the whole, and each writing page of the loose-leaf book is separated, which is their biggest difference. The loose-leaf book has a binder, so its size is relatively fixed. The conventional sizes are 5 inch, 7 inch, 8.5 inch, and 8.5 inch is the most commonly used. 8.5-inch writing paper is A5, so we also talk about A5 loose-leaf notebooks. Loose-leaf notebooks and hardcovers of the same size are larger in size. Because the writing paper of the loose-leaf notebook is perforated and has a certain range of values, its cover is much larger than the inner core. Loose-leaf notebooks are a type of business notebook, because they are high-end, complicated, and often more expensive than hardcover books.

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