World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Shadowlands, its third area is the Ardenweald. This is a mysterious dream forest inhabited by the souls of the WOW Classic Gold dead, and it is also the home of one of the Covenants. Players will get powerful abilities and cosmetics after joining the covenant. The Night Fae.Ardenweald is a forest afterlife that seems the closest thing the Shadowlands have to a heaven.

if you die and join the Night Fae, they don’t make you take up arms, fight for power, or serve a cause. These make them different from other Covenants. After you join them, you will feel very relaxed and you can even look after the beautiful garden. Although there are still soldiers and hunters in Ardenweald, most of them are happy souls and can even doze like young saplings.

Of course, those are all problems of the World of Warcraft levelling zone. The Drust, a force of Death we met in Battle for Azeroth, are in Ardenweald as antagonists.The warriors and hunters of the Night Fae are defending their home, but the anima drought affecting the entire realm (thanks to Sylvanas routing everybody's soul into mega Hell) means that Ardenweald is wilting. Tyrande Whisperwind also shows up in Ardenweald, looking to follow up on the Night Warrior buff she received in Battle for Azeroth.

A good option for players after reaching the Classic WOW Gold highest level is to join Night Fae, so that they can have plenty of time in this area. And can gain access to cosmetics, cute animal mounts, and special armor, but Night Fae can also maintain their own little garden of souls.

The Drust appeared in Battle for Azeroth as ancient race that appeared in Kul Tiras, and was eventually fought and banished. They are the reason Kul Tiras can be druids; the ancient energies of nature, decay, and rebirth were adopted by certain parts of the sea-faring nation. Ardenweald grew out of those concepts, and the art team was able to learn from the past forests they've created in World of Warcraft.

Art director Ely Cannon said that they created a new type of water for the area that will have an impact on the water. We have a new weather system where ‘anima rain’ is happening. And they increased the leaf effect, creating dust and debris effects in the fading area, giving people a feeling of degradation and disintegration. These particle effect layers cover the standard area design, making the whole world more vivid.

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