Generally single-phase watt-hour meters have three kinds of adjustment devices for adjusting the speed of rotation speed and an anti-submarine device for adjusting the creep or sensitivity.

 1) Full-load adjustment device The full-load adjustment device is a mechanism that adjusts the speed of the movable part of the watt-hour meter at rated voltage, rated frequency, calibrated current, and cosα=1. Normally, the braking torque of the permanent magnet to the power meter turntable is adjusted by adjusting the distance between the permanent magnet and the center of the power meter turntable or the working flux of the permanent magnet, thereby changing the turntable speed and adjusting the power meter error. purpose.

2) Phase angle adjustment device The phase angle adjustment device is a mechanism that adjusts the rotating speed of the movable part of the watt-hour meter at rated voltage, rated rate, calibrated current, and cosα = 0.5. At present, all kinds of watt-hour meters produced in China adopt the constantan resistance in the loop of the phase angle compensation coil wound on the current iron core to achieve the phase angle adjustment of 90 degrees. When required, a short-circuit ring or frame can be added to the position of the compensation coil core for rough adjustment.

3) Light load adjustment device The light load adjustment device is a mechanism for adjusting the additional torque in order to improve the light load error characteristic curve at light load (10% of the rated current). Light load adjustment can use light load adjustment plate or adjustment frame and other structures. When the watt-hour meter is lightly loaded, the turning torque becomes very small. At this time, due to the friction between the upper and lower bearings, the counter gear and the meshing of the shaft worm and gear, and the nonlinearity of the current core permeability, the electricity The scale has a large negative error. At this time, there must be an additional torque to compensate for the negative error caused by the short friction force and the non-linearity of the current iron core and the asymmetry of component manufacturing and assembly asymmetry. error. Change the position of the light load adjustment plate or frame piece to adjust the error of the rotation speed of the energy meter under light load.

4) Transformer direct resistance creep and sensitivity adjustment After the watt-hour meter is adjusted with light load, sometimes some watches will have a "sneak" phenomenon, the common reason is the existence of compensation torque. In order to eliminate the submergence, the anti-submersible device is installed in the watt-hour meter. The most common one is the anti-submarine needle fixed on the disc rotating shaft, and the brake pad is installed on the voltage iron core. When you attract each other, the turntable will stop rotating. By changing the distance between the anti-submarine needle and the brake pads, the JJ moment of the prevention equipment can be adjusted. Since the additional anti-potential moment is proportional to the square of the power supply voltage, this method ensures that when the voltage changes within a large range (80%-110%), the possibility of creeping is eliminated. The anti-submarine power moment can eliminate the creep, but it reduces the sensitivity. Therefore, while eliminating the creep, the requirements of the energy meter for the sensitive meter should be ensured.

When adjusting the light load error, it must be carefully analyzed, and the adjustment cannot be made as soon as the error is found. The factors such as the influence of the phase angle adjustment device, the position of the electromagnet, and the position of the anti-submarine device must be considered. Bring unnecessary trouble.


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