Generally speaking, the     agricultural adjuvant    itself has no biological activity, but whether the adjuvant is used or not has a great influence on the efficacy of the pesticide preparation.

For example, a mixed emulsifiable concentrate containing 10% diarrhea and 30% diesel oil has a similar herbicidal effect as 20% diarrhea emulsifiable concentrate without diesel oil, but the amount of diarrhea is doubled; when using Bordeaux mixture, if it is added to it 0.2%-0.3% bone glue, can resist rain erosion, and can improve the disease prevention effect. The rational use of pesticide adjuvants can often improve the safety of the pesticides on plants and reduce the toxicity to humans and animals.

Filler: The filler can be used to dilute the pesticide original drug, reduce the dosage of the original drug, make the original drug easy to be crushed mechanically, and increase the dispersion of the original drug. It is a filling material for making powder or wettable powder, such as clay and talc;

Wet spreading agent: an additive that can reduce the surface tension of water and make it easy to wet the solid surface. When the liquid medicine is sprayed on the surface of the drug receiving surface, it is easy to wet spread on the surface of the drug receiving surface to improve the control effect, such as tea dry.

Dispersants are divided into two types: one is pesticide stock solution dispersant, which is a substance with high viscosity characteristics. Through mechanical action, the molten pesticide can be dispersed into colloidal granules, such as waste sticky honey concentrate, pulp waste liquid Concentrate; the other is a dispersant for pesticide preparations, which can prevent the powder from flocculating, so that the powdered pesticide can be well dispersed when spraying.

Synergist: It has no insecticidal and bactericidal effects, but it can improve the insecticidal and bactericidal effects of the original drug


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