The first step: first select the high quality pet food containers

The size of the pet-food-container is very important, the volume should be larger than the bagged cat food you buy, preferably 1.5 to 2 times larger.

Step 2: Put the whole cat food bag into pet food containers

In fact, many of the original bags of cat food, in order to ensure proper transportation and storage, will use very good materials, so do not give up this barrier.

The correct method should be to put the cat food bag into the pet food containers. After each new cat food is poured out, seal the cat food bag and cover it with a lid.

This can also solve the problem of the sealing degree of the grain storage barrel and the risk of material doubt.

The third step: regularly clean the pet food containers

No matter how to store cat food, the pet food containers should be cleaned regularly, washed with detergent and thoroughly dried before use.

It is really necessary to pour the cat food directly into the pet food containers, so every time you store the new cat food, the cleaning steps are carried out.

Why to change the desiccant regularly?

Some well-designed pet food containers have a card slot for desiccant to prevent moisture and freshness. However, many people do not know that the desiccant needs to be replaced regularly, otherwise it will lose its effect.

If the pet food containers is not reliable, or the storage method is not reliable, it is really better than not. I hope that owner can use the snack on this issue.

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