I am in a strictly indy corp, therefore I guess it would be a bad match for you.We're part of the Golden horde alliance though and EVE Echoes ISK you can find agents from us and a number of other corps in the pinned recruitment mega thread with this very subreddit!Okay no problems, thank you for the answer.

Certainly agree. There are some methods to cover and get a leg up, but Skilling up takes significant moment. Tech level takes some time. Money will help speed things somewhat, but nobody (as far as I could tell) can get stupid strong overnight.If they control more, I hope it is for skins, laser colours, boat emblems, or things like that rather than super lasers and lightspeed missiles.When that I have a couple hours to kill, theres lots to fill that time. If I'm doing dishes, I could just mlm one in high sec. If I just have a couple of mlm minutes, I can do the non-combat experiences. Its fits nicely into whatever amount of free time I have and still feels like I'm making progress.

Definitely a few issues to tackle nevertheless, but actually a solid platform to construct on.And it is pretty to look at. A few of the gates and stations are stunning.The day that they add the chance to get better ships or weapons only via IRL money, or vastly more readily via IRL money versus in-game money/farming, I will cancel my omega and re install the game.And I expect everybody is going to do exactly the same. This is just absurd and simply not fun.Edit just to say that this way I've loved Cheap EVE Echoes ISK. None of the P2W shit asking people to invest tens of thousands of dollars to complete a weekly event (yes, I am talking about you, Idle Heroes)