Kraft paper is a very common type of packaging and paper art material in our lives. The color of kraft paper is usually yellow or brown. His biggest feature is that it is very strong. Even if it is immersed in water, the soft changes of common paper after immersion in water will not occur. Kraft paper is often used in the preparation of packaging materials in some office settings. For example, our common envelopes, paper bags, insulating protective paper and asphalt paper.

Although the current kraft paper is made of pulp, in the past, kraft paper was really made of fine calfskin, so it has the name kraft paper. However, with the invention of papermaking, people began to use kraft paper from the wood fibers of conifers. The paper that is drawn from this specially processed pulp is tan, and has excellent toughness and tear resistance, very similar to kraft, so it is called kraft paper.

Unlike kraft paper and other paper making methods, kraft paper is treated with caustic soda and alkali sulfide, and uses longer raw materials of wood fibers, so the damage to the fibers in the pulp is relatively low, which also ensures that The tutorial's wood fiber is preserved to the maximum extent, so the paper produced will be exceptionally strong.

The special properties and state of kraft paper also determine its uniqueness as a paper art material.

Kraft paper can be processed into single-sided light or double-sided light, and it can also be processed into stripes, which provides a variety of options for us when making related paper art. In addition, the strength of kraft paper is relatively high, so it is rare that the kraft paper is torn during the production process, and the vertical and horizontal tension of the kraft paper is relatively strong, so it is widely used in conceptual paper design. Don't think that kraft paper is only tan, in fact, kraft paper can be processed into various colors according to needs, such as red or white, which also greatly expands the scope of application of kraft paper.

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